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Our 1.86 Titanium Snow Chisels are the ultimate narrow stud on the market! These chisels have been tested in winning sleds for the past 2 seasons and offer a tremendous weight advantage over any steel chisel yet still maintain impressive durability. Narrow chisels are specifically designed for penetrating hard ice.


Features an oversized .970" head to prevent tear outs with a deep engagement 3/16" Allen interface to mitigate stripping that has historically plagued stud installs. A fully machined tip makes sure the thrusting face is not impeded by unnecessary threads to maximize traction. 


1.86 chisels have an installed length of 2.0" measured from the face of the track.


Can be installed with our billet Backer Nuts or any 5/16 backer plates and locknuts (sold separately).


Race / lake use only


Delivers a race winning 4-5 lbs weight savings vs steel per track.


Priced in Cdn dollars and shipped from Canada.


Titanium 1.86 Snow Chisels

PriceFrom C$16.00
Approx. 2-3 weeks delivery time.
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