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Aluminum Grades - Strength adds to quality

Recently there has been an increase in aluminum parts available in the high performance snowmobile market. However, not all parts are created equal and different grades of aluminum can make a huge difference in their quality and durability. In certain applications these differences can be crucial. Here is a comparison of some commonly used grades. If the parts you are considering are going to be subject to high stress, it might help to ask what grade of aluminum is used in their construction.

6063 - This is the lowest cost of the grades compared and is also the softest. By its softer nature, is is also the easiest to machine.

6061 - Substantially stronger than 6063 but comes at a higher cost. It is a standard for quality machined parts

7075 - With a strength nearly double that of 6061, 7075 excels in high-stress applications. 7075 is also referred to as an "aircraft grade" alloy because it has one of the highest strength aluminum alloys in the market. It’s used for spacecraft, aircraft missiles and other defense applications. It is also not uncommon to see 7075 grade in parts subjected to high wear and tear, military applications and structural materials. It is the most expensive of the three grades compared here in two ways. The base material not only costs more but its properties make it harder to machine which increases costs as well.

All of our wide body aluminum snow drag race chisels offered by Maxceleration Racing are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum for the highest possible quality. Make sure to do your research when choosing the best products for your race sled.

Strength data from The Engineering Toolbox. Additional descriptions from thyssenkrupp Materials Services.


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