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Tech Support and FAQ

Contact us if you can't find the answer you are looking for in the information below.

  • Flashing Options & Instructions
    You have options for flashing your ECU and Cluster with our performance tunes. Option 1: Send your ECU (and cluster if purchasing a cluster flash) to us for programming. Be sure to package it carefully. You may want to ensure the parcel is tracked and / or insured as we are not responsible for loss or damage of your components when they are in transit to us. Option 2: Purchase a flash communicator tool and install the flashes yourself as per the instructions below. Cluster And ECU Removal The cluster is held into the top panel of the body by some plastic clips molded into a round extrusion on its back. Remove the vent or accessory bag in front of the steering post to reach the back of the cluster. Press on the clips to release it from the panel. The connector is held on by a locking clip on the underside. Removing the ECU: Thread on Totally Yamaha: https://ty4stroke.com/threads/location-and-tips-for-ecu-removal.146926/ OR If you have purchased or own a flash communicator: Warning: If you have equipped your sled with an AFR module, always disconnect if before flashing the cluster or the ECU to prevent failure of the flash. Download the Hurricane Flashing instructions:
  • Flasher Fortress Installation
  • Tune/Flasher Functionality Table
    This is a table of the different functions available for flashes with single tunes and jukebox tunes (bundles) when the flasher tool is attached verses not attached (or the flasher is not purchased).
  • Cluster Flash Demo Video
  • STM Super Tips Clutch Weight Instructional Video
  • SnowTrax Dalton Clutch Weight Video
  • Yamaha 911 Clutch Cover Installation
  • Yamaha Secondary Clutch Helix Recommendations
    Our recommedations: Use stock helix angle for moutain riding 35-39 for trail riding with performance tunes (stock on some models/years of Sidewinders) 37-42 for drag racing with tunes up to 350 hp 40-44 for drag racing with tunes over 350 hp
  • Clutch Alignment Tool Videos
  • Belt Deflection Adjuster Installation
    first remove the secondary retaining bolt and aluminium plug at the end of the jackshaft as well as any washers present. you can now set the belt deflection as desired by either manually raising the belt in secondary or driving the sled at low speed while on a track stand securely. now loosen the jam screw locking the deflection adjuster dial on threads screw the dial all the way out to edge of the threads where the head of the retaining bolt will be install the Hurricane Belt Deflection Adjuster and steel washer included and secure with stock bolt screw in dial until snug against helix and lighten the jam screw to hold it
  • Driveshaft Saver Installation Videos
  • Fuel Supply Kit Installation Video
  • Race/Trail Ram Air Installation
    For maximum effect the stock plenum under the hood centre section that feeds the airbox should be removed along with the rubber seal. A simple blockoff plate to cover the original inlet where the seal was located should then be affixed as shown below:
  • Secondary Intercooler Installation Videos
  • iGrip Screw Stud Info
    Detailed information is listed on our iGrip Studs page. The link is located on each iGrip product listing as well as on the home page if you click the iGrip logo. Here is our most popular version of the iGrip Screw Stud:
  • Snow Drag Race Chisel Stud Installation Reference
    All of the studs and wide body chisels listed on our site are designed for installation on 2-ply tracks ONLY! Should you wish to add traction to a single ply track please refer to our line of iGrip traction screws. The SS line in particular has yielded great results for us on taller lug single ply tracks (such as the Backcountry X). The graphics below are installation reference charts for our Snomaxx and Scorpion aluminum race chisels. If using re-purposed 5/16" studs for bases, their total height should be .875" - 1". Please refer to the diagrams below. For the ultimate lightweight combination, and to save time not cutting your old studs, consider our Titanium Base Studs listed in the Traction section of our on-line store. Also listed here is a sample installation pattern that has proven to work well for the wide chisels. It repeats every three rows. It is merely a suggestion as your best pattern will depend on the number and type of chisels you use and your particular track specifications.
  • How are Ceramic Hybrid bearings better?
    You can get all the details on our Ceramic Hybrid bearings by clicking the button below:
  • Bearing Cross Reference Chart
  • Sandale 3" Heartbreaker Sound Comparison
  • ISR Drag Racing Rules
    Download the PDF here:
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