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Maxceleration Racing - Current Sleds

Below you will find the sleds we currently race with.  If you watched any of our old videos, you'll see that we have raced an extensive collection of Polaris snowmobiles in many different configurations over the years.  We are now focusing our efforts on our turbo-charged Yamaha Sidewinders!

2019 Yamaha SRX - Maxceleration Racing

2019 Yamaha Sidewinder

For 2022 we added this one to the fleet.  Mostly a trail rider, we race it in Open Stock as well.  2019 was the first model year of the return of the SRX model to the Yamaha brand on the Sidewinder platform.  When we bought it used, this one had less than 300 miles.

2018 Yamaha Sidewinder M-TX - Maxceleration Racing

2018 Yamaha Sidewinder


For 2022 the M-TX was improved with exhaust and intake changes.  The results have been excellent. This sled was the 2022 SSRA High Points Champion and won first place in Open Improved at every SSRA race in the 2022 season.

2017 King Cat - Maxceleration Racing

2017 Arctic Cat King Cat
a.k.a. the "Farm Sled"

Purchased December 2022, this 2017 King Cat had only 1000 miles on the odometer so it was a nice start for a build up.  The goal was to see how quick we could make a mostly stock sled.  Stock body, stock exhaust exit location, stock suspension, stock seat, stock fuel tank, stock skis, stock headlamp, stock instrumentation, stock airbox and filter, stock chain case with mechanical reverse, stock handlebars with mountain grab handle, etc. etc.  What isn't stock?  We threw a whole bunch of power at it.  A couple of neat things about this sled are 1 - it's heavy and stock looking so it's very deceptive, just like the Street Outlaws Farm Truck (hence the name, Farm Sled). 2 - Swap the track or remove the chisels, make some suspension adjustments, and a quick tune via the phone app and this sled could be ridden all day on the trails or in the mountains.

2006 Arctic Cat F7 Sno Pro - Maxceleration Racing

2006 Arctic Cat
F7 Sno Pro

This 2006 F7 has less than 2000 miles on the odometer and is stock except for the black painted hood and a set of 2005 decals (because they are just a little nicer looking).  It's trail ridden most of the time but is also raced by Rachel at some events.

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