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Maxceleration Racing - Current Sleds

Below you will find the sleds we currently race with.  If you watched any of our old videos, you'll see that we have raced an extensive collection of Polaris snowmobiles in many different configurations over the years.  We are now focusing our efforts on our turbo-charged Yamaha Sidewinders!


1991 Polaris

Indy 650

Production of the naturally aspirated Indy 650 ended with the 1992 model year.  This second to last year of production model has had its rear suspension stretched to 136" with OE Polaris SKS rails and a big rear idler kit to properly tension the track which has a 1.75" lug height.  Power is improved with tripple Aaen race pipes and race porting by Maxceleration Racing.  It is the 2018 and 2020 Western Canadian Champion in Classic Super Stock - Muscle.


1995 Polaris Indy XCR 600

1995 Was the first regular production year for the XCR 600.  The engine was based on the XLT monoblock design but with slightly higher compression heads, more aggressive porting and larger 38mm carburetors.  The XCR chassis is different from the XLT in that it features a Storm based bulkhead which mounts the engine lower with the the chain case slightly rolled.  Our XCR 600 is race ported with Aaen XCR specific pipes and the rear suspension has been stretched with Polaris SKS rails and rear tunnel enclosure to accommodate the 133.5" x 1.5" track. It is the 2019, 2020, and 2022 Western Canadian Champion in Classic Super Stock Sport


1993 Polaris

Indy Storm SKS

1993 Was the first production year for the Polaris Storm.  The engine was 750cc's for this year only as it grew to 800 in 1994.  The 1993 Storm marked a number of firsts for Polaris.  It was their first liquid cooled 3 cylinder with triple pipes, first case reed intake system, first splined jackshaft, and first sled with dual fuel pumps to name a few.  This SKS model is now fitted with a 136" track, trail pipes from HTG and a MBRP silencer.  All internal engine modifications were completed by Maxceleration Racing.  The sled is the 2019 Western Canadian Champion in Classic Super Stock - Muscle.


2018 Yamaha Sidewinder


In all our years of racing, we had never raced one of our own sleds in a stock class.  From time to time we helped friends out by riding one of their stockers but never our own.  The 2020 season changed that as we competed in Open Stock with our Yamaha Sidewinder.  The results?  SSRA Open Stock Points Champion, SSRA Open Improved Points Champion, SSRA Mountain Improved Points Champion, Western Canadian Open Stock Champion, Western Canadian Open Improved Champion, Western Canadian Mountain Improved Champion.  I guess you could say we had some success.

For 2022 the M-TX was improved with exhaust and intake changes.  The results so far have been promising. 2022 SSRA High Points Champion.


2019 Yamaha Sidewinder

For 2022 we added this one to the fleet.  Mostly a trail rider, we will likely race it in Open Stock as well.  2019 was the first model year of the return of the SRX model to the Yamaha brand on the Sidewinder platform.  When we bought it, this one had less than 300 miles.

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