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The Hurricane Belt Deflection Adjuster for Yamaha Sidewinders makes it possible for you to adjust your own belt deflection and to open your secondary clutch with ease for belt removal.


Belt Deflection Adjuster - Sidewinder

    • first remove the secondary retaining bolt and aluminium plug at the end of the jackshaft as well as any washers present.
    • you can now set the belt deflection as desired by either manually raising the belt in secondary or driving the sled at low speed while on a track stand securely.
    • now loosen the jam screw locking the deflection adjuster dial on threads
    • screw the dial all the way out to edge of the threads where the head of the retaining bolt will be
    • install the Hurricane Belt Deflection Adjuster and steel washer included and secure with stock bolt
    • screw in dial until snug against helix and lighten the jam screw to hold it
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