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Hellevation billet Backer Nuts are a 1-piece integral backer and nut for the lightest and strongest possible steel stud support. These backers are designed to be used with a trail stud or narrow race chisel and delivers a 25% weight savings over conventional aluminum backers and nuts. Featuring 5/16 -24 roll formed threads and a 1/2" hex interface with self locking slim top for easy installation. An oversized 1.325" domed base diameter provides superior multi direction support and proper stud head seating into the track. These are the only high strength 7075 aluminum backers available on the market; don't settle for cheap materials.


Medium .700" - 8.8 grams

Tall .980" - 11.4 grams


Compatible with all 5/16 studs.
Install with Loctite.

Steel studs not included.


Priced in Cdn dollars and shipped from Canada.

Billet Backer Nuts

PriceFrom C$6.75
Approx. 3 weeks delivery time.
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