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The Hurricane – Gap 998 Closed Loop System upgrades your Sidewinder/Thundercat with the ability to monitor the AFR values. This upgrade allows your sled to self adjust the fuel delivery according to the climate of the day, everyday! The fuel corrections are made by your ECU during your ride. Now, there is no compromising! Your tune will be optimum for the most power and the best fuel economy everyday, everywhere, no matter what.

You will need to purchase the Hurricane AEM Plug and Play O2 Sensor Kit as well as the Hurricane – Gap Closed Loop System to empower your ECU to adjust your tune to match the riding climate. Just like all cars have been doing for years. You do not need to own the Hurricane – Gap flasher for the Closed Loop System to operate.

For those who have flashed their cluster with the Hurricane Cluster Flash, the AFR values can be displayed prominently on your cluster along with the boost.
For those who do not have a cluster flash, a trouble code will display on the cluster in the event a sensor problem occurs.

Closed Loop Fuel Control Introduction

This engine ECU was designed to run on an open loop configuration. In turn, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity…) affect the air/fuel mixture even with a proper tune;
-Hot ambient temperature enriches the fuel mixture (more fuel)
-Cold ambient temperature leans it (less fuel)


The solution

Adding a proper O2 sensor and closed loop algorithm allows the engine ECU to read the air/fuel mixture and adjust it to compensate for the current environmental conditions.
The closed loop air/fuel ratio has targets for both cruising and full throttle situations. Cruising AFR target is leaner to provide better fuel economy while a richer target is used at high or full throttle for maximum power.


-Proper power delivery under hot conditions by preventing the air/fuel mixture from being too rich
-Proper fuelling when it’s very cold
-Automatic compensation relatives the sled intake and exhaust paths configurations
-Maximum engine power delivery in all environmental conditions at high or full throttle
-Better fuel economy while cruising at low or mid throttle. Up to 20% less fuel consumption*.
*Results will vary depending on driving style, environmental conditions and other factors.


Usage of the Hurricane Performance AEM Wideband O2 module (pre-wired and plug in) is required.
Fail-safe protections have been implemented in the event of a sensor issue.

Hurricane – Gap 998 Closed Loop System

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