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The 2017+ Yamaha Sidewinder model comes with a roller secondary. The roller secondary clutch is different than other previous Yamaha models with button secondary, and uses a different helix.  The stock helix when with the stock secondary spring on a Sidewider is close to coil bind (very close to being stacked coil to coil when at full shift of the clutches). Dalton helixes now have more relief depth in the spring pocket for those concerned with that.


Dalton helixes feature solid billet construction and  accurate machining.

Yamaha Sidewinder Helix

PriceFrom C$154.00
  • Our recommedations:

    Use stock helix angle for moutain riding

    35-39 for trail riding with performance tunes

    37-42 for drag racing with tunes up to 350 hp

    40-44 for drag racing with tunes over 350 hp


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