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Snowmobile Drag Racing Team
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Maxceleration Racing is a snowmobile drag racing team based in Calgary, Alberta. The team is owned and operated by Mike LaValley who is in his third decade of competitive racing.  Over the years, we have won championships on snow, ice and grass,  having raced and won in every province in Western Canada.


In the past we have competed in almost every class in the sport from vintage to King of the Snow (now called Outlaw).  While the team has always been competitive, results improved dramatically when we began to design our own engine modifications. Currently all engine porting and head design is executed by Maxceleration Racing with the assistance of several engine and pipe design computer software programs.


We spent some years competing in the Classic Super Stock classes of snow drag racing.  These immensely fun classes are an excellent low-cost way for people to enter the sport of drag racing and hone their skills as a competitive racer.  We are proud to have supported this entry level race class as a way to grow the sport we love.   Currently our focus is on the Open Stock and Open Improved Stock classes with our turbo-charged Yamaha Sidewinders.

6 Time SSRA Pro Stock Grass Drag Champions

2011 SSRA 600cc Heavy Mod Ice Drag Champions

2012 SSRA 600cc Pro Sno Snow Drag Champions

2017-2018-2019-2020-2022  SSRA Classic Super Stock Snow Drag Champions

2018-2019-2020-2022 Classic Super Stock Western Canadian Champions

2020 SSRA Open Stock, Open Improved, & Mountain Improved Champions

2020 Western Canadian Open Stock, Open Improved, & Mountain Improved Champions

2022 Western Canadian Open Stock, Open Improved, & Mountain Open Champions

2022 SSRA Open Improved, ProSno 1000, Open Mod 1000, Mountain Open, Outlaw and High Points Champions

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All Videos

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