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Billet Wheel Durability

Questioning whether our billet wheels can take it? Here are the actual wheels used by Team 44 Muskoka Extreme in the longest and toughest snowmobile race in the world - 2024  Cain's Quest. Special thanks to racers Chris Holmes Jr. and Chris Hilton for allowing us to be a part of their adventure and sending these back to us! These wheels took an absolute pounding for over 3200 kms and every terrain imaginable, including low to no snow conditions. That's not just 3200 kms, but 3200 kms of RACING. They have a few nicks that could be touched up but they are as straight and true as the day they were installed. We highly doubt the OE plastic versions would have survived the abuse. These are a great example of how we try to provide the highest quality products on the market by using and testing what we sell!

Shop our line of billet wheels in the CHASSIS section of this website.


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