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Ceramic Hybrid Bearings for Snowmobiles

We've used ceramic hybrid bearings on our race sleds for years and after evaluating several manufacturers we are now offering them in our store.

Ceramic hybrid bearings are used by most of the top racers due to their decreased rolling resistance. They can be of benefit in many snowmobile applications though, not only those wanting the absolute highest possible performance from their sled. Longer life and higher efficiency are characteristics attractive to the high annual mileage riders. Their lower operating temperatures can lead to reduced corrasion of the races (rings) as well.

We spin tested three types of bearings on the bench and measured their temperature increases. Our ceramic hybrid bearings rose 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit after running for 3 minutes at the equivalent of 40-45 mph on a rear idler wheel. The premium NTN "Black Ice" bearings rose 20-30 degrees and did not spin as freely. NTN standard bearings showed the highest resistance and rose well over 40 degrees and were too hot to touch after just the 3 minute spin.

If you just want to hold the boggie wheels on the old Elan, standard bearings will do the job. However, if you are taking the time to service your $20,000-$30,000 high performance sled, our ceramic hybrid bearings are worth looking into.


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